Making perfect pizza dough at home

Feast Wisely

Over recent months my occasional pizza feast has become twice weekly. That’s because since switching to a pretty much vegetarian diet I’ve come to really appreciate that pizza is one of those treats that doesn’t need meat. Give me plenty of cheese and toppings like olives, artichokes, mushrooms and eggplant and I’ll choose pizza over a meaty meal any day.

Making perfect pizza dough at homeDon’t worry, I’m not trying to convince you here to ditch the salami or prosciutto from your pizzas. Instead I want to share my recipe and technique for making pizza dough at home. Luckily for me my husband does most of the heavy lifting and I get to enjoy the fun bit of adding the toppings and eating the pizza.

Two tips before you get started

Until recently my go-to tool for getting (close to) restaurant pizzas at home was a ceramic pizza stone – you’ve probably seen them or perhaps…

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