Sex (G4)

a photogenic world

Brace yourself for stereotypes.  Intentional?  Maybe.

My first visit to Italy took place in the 1970’s and was a “school trip”.  As the itinerary included Naples the girls were warned of the dangers of bag-snatchers and bottom-pinchers, the prospect of which some found mildly exciting.  The Italian male was seen as predatory and well-equipped for the role with his innate sense of style and seductive accent.

The Italian women were divided into two categories; the rotund and verbose “mamma” dressed exclusively in black and shouting from the kitchen, or the highly sexualised beauty such as Loren, Cardinale or Lollobrigida. La Lollo’s Wikipedia page lists her occupation as actress, photojournalist and sculptor.  Photojournalist and sculptor?  Who would have known?  (They should add philanthropist incidentally.)

Marzio Barbagli, an academic at the University of Bologna, conducted a survey a few years which showed that whilst 81% of Italian men abhor infidelity, only…

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