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Kallon Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari Yana Saka Farin Ciki A Zuciya — ArewaBlog.Com

Kallon Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari Yana Saka Farin Ciki A Zuciya. Duk Lokacin Da Mutum Yaga Muhammamadu Buhari A Fili Ranar Sai Ya Kwana Yana Farin Ciki A Zuciyasa, Koda Kuwa Baya Kaunarsa, Wanann Kadan Kenan Daga Cikin Karamomi Na Jagoran Talakawan Africa. Inji_Hajiya Farida Nura Khalil Dan Takarar Sanata Funtua Zone. Masu Karatu Me Zaku…

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Sweet Harmony — lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Two years ago, when I visited friends from my childhood that I hadn’t seen for scores of years, we had a wonderful time going through a box of mementos and then gathering around the piano to make music as sweet as the memories. Susan is a wonderful pianist and Karen a professional-level singer with a […]

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Green Smoothie + Progress

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Getting my servings of veggies and fruits can sometimes be a bit a challenge for me, especially veggies.  However, one of my favorite ways to get my fruit and veggies in is with a green smoothie!!  I love having this smoothie for breakfast but it great for any time of day.  It’s also super refreshing, perfect for the summer!!

Green Smoothie

Today I will be sharing my green smoothie recipe as well as my progress so far in my weightloss journey so keep reading!! 

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Get your fatwa off our backs! by amina wadud

amina 2014 - croppedIt’s not so easy any more to control the parameters of Islam and the way it is practiced by those who wish to stuff their opinion down the throats of other Muslim citizens, be they minorities or majorities across the globe.

This past week the Selangor Islamic Religious Counsel in Malaysia, issued a fatwa against Sisters in Islam (SIS), accusing them of being “deviant” because they subscribe to religious liberalism and pluralism.  They called for a ban on all their publications and to silence their social media. They sought to shun their activities and personhood “in the name of Islam.’

The next day SIS held a press conference and went on full counter attack.  This is what it has come down to for many who stand for justice, equality, and human dignity for all, within an Islamic perspective.

Let me step back and explain about a fatwa. 

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